Comparing Regular Gyms and Dubai Crossfit Gyms

You may have seen or gone by a Crossfit center in your general vicinity and asked what is the difference of a Dubai Crossfit gym to other regular gyms? You may also have been wondering between the two, which one is best for your fitness goals? Some people like going to the gym to use the various equipment there or get other perks with their membership like steam room facilities. Here are some of the basic differences of a Crossfit gym and traditional gym.

In a Crossfit gym, you don’t find a pool, steam room, sauna, treadmills, machine equipment and the like. In a Crossfit gym or what they call a “box”, people have kettle bells, barbells, ropes, tires, exercise balls and other more moveable equipment to help them do their exercises on. So this means that Crossfit gyms or boxes are more freestyle and involves interval training where you have to do more functional movements compare to a traditional gym where you are mostly stationary and have to carry weights or do repetitive movements.


Also, you might have compared the costs of regular or traditional gyms to Crossfit boxes and have noticed that Crossfit boxes are less expensive when it comes to their member charges. That’s because in Crossfit there are no suana showers, expensive gym machines, or special services like massages, yoga and the like. They do not offer all these other perks so they can immediately make their charges less expensive than traditional gyms. So if you are looking for a more affordable way to get fit, you don’t have to join a traditional gym. You can try Crossfit and see if it fits your fitness goals and if you can do the movements. Doing so may also help you save more money and cut your monthly expenses.

Another difference in Crossfit classes compare to to traditional workouts at a gym is the length of the exercises. Usually, the Crossfit coach will just have a 30-minute workout of the day or what is known also as the WOD. This WOD is posted in advance on the Crossfit gym’s website or social media account where all interested members can access and know. So by the time you get to the box, every one there is in sync and knows what they are supposed to do which makes the whole experience so much organized and targeted to achieve the members’ fitness goals.


If you are wondering whether Crossfit is the best workout for you, you don’t have to wonder no more. You can try out a free trial class which includes the experience of knowing the basic movements of Crossfit so you don’t have to second guess if you can do the exercises or not. After your free trial and if you think you can continue with this training (because it is a quite gruesome training or fitness regimen), then you can contact the Crossfit box and enroll in their sessions. You can then start enjoying the many health benefits of Crossfit.